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The process for developing a new drug or medical device must meet two crucial requirements: efficacy and safety. But the question is, what happens when pharmaceutical companies fulfill these two requirements but the interactions with regulatory agencies and the scientific community are not reviewed and approved in a timely manner?

In the Life Sciences industry, a delay in regulatory or scientific processes will very likely affect when a drug or a medical device reaches the market, leading to loss of revenue for the company and putting patients at risk.

Although delays may have different root causes, they are often rooted…

If you write, manage or do editorial for scientific publications, you are very likely aware of the painful and time-consuming process for formatting scientific manuscripts according to journal specifications.

This webinar organized by doDOC will show scientific writers and publications managers how to automate manuscript formatting to achieve full compliance with journal requirements.

The cost of formatting scientific manuscripts in 2010, published in an Oracle White Paper back in March 2010, shows that reformatting scientific manuscripts costs 12 hours per person per week. More recently, articles such as The untold cost of formatting manuscripts (2019) showed that researchers spent 52…

“The truth will set you free”, it is said. And there can and should be only one truth. This is especially so for document collaboration: a single source of truth means that a document used by multiple collaborators exists in a single location in the cloud, which is instantly accessible for everyone involved. Nobody downloads copies of it, it is just one document, with all track changes and comments always up to date, that everybody works on.

Now, why will this single source of truth set you free?

Let’s bring it to a very common scenario you probably have experienced…

We all have seen the movies. Frodo sets out to destroy the ring or Luke Skywalker is determined to, against all odds, beat the dark forces. And we think, yeah, that could be me. We immediately identify with the hero and silently think “I would probably do that”, “That could be me”. Hmm, really?

What if Frodo said “Nah, what if I fail? I don’t want to look bad. What if everyone in the shire thinks it was better before? Are they going to blame me? After all, I am not the leader here, so it is not up to…

Who hasn’t binge-watched videos and documentaries of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates, either talking about innovation or showing the fruits of it? Who hasn’t wondered if vacations in 2035 will be in Mars, traveling on one of Elon Musk’s spaceships? I could go on and on with the examples of wonderful innovators and leaders that have changed our lives through the introduction of new technologies that forever changed the way we work, shop, socialize and even relax at home.

There is no space for questioning the positive impact that innovations have on society. Even when entire countries go…

“Are we really still doing this?”… said the Medical Director of one of the top 20 pharma companies after getting a Clinical Trial Protocol for approval from her team, … by email.

The poor Medical Writer had been compiling edits from 7 different Word documents, combining conflicting comments and track changes to try to make something close to a coherent document for approval. Unfortunately, what arose from the Medical Writers operation table was a Frankenstein document.

“It makes me genuinely anxious to approve this, not knowing if the reviewers’ true meaning was captured or if there would have been another…

The warmth of your home library, living room, or even your bed, paired with wearing pajamas until 11 am, or possibly the whole day, might sound extremely attractive to many. However, making sure that we stay safe and productive working from home is priority number one for all of us with the quarantine or self-isolation recently imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, we find ourselves now joggling with home and family tasks, plus the usual workload from the office, without any separation or boundaries between them.

After seeing the challenges that our company has been facing these past few weeks…

Raquel Pinto

Helping teams simplify how they collaborate

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